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Wolf, from "Wolf's Ridge"
Demon Head Entrance
LBJ mask for Shadowbox Live
Malcolm X mask
Donkey, Malcolm X, and Elephant mask
Cyborg Baby puppet
"Lava Wall" at The Grass Skirt.
"Wolf's Ridge"
"Milky White" puppet
Golden Goose puppet
'Singing Harp" puppet with "Mr Tree"
"Mr Hyde"
New Albany Classic, VIP Kids Area, 2
New Albany Classic, VIP area
New Albany Classic, VIP tableau
Nationwide Insurance HQ Lobby Window
Nationwide Insurance HQ Lobby window
Inspiration Tableau
Double sided creature face, TRAUMA
Double sided creature head, TRAUMA
Creature head for TRAUMA
Custom Boxes
Custom Cello
Wizard Themed Party Display
Tree Bookshelf
Rock On The Range Bar
Pennywise Headpiece
Football helmet for OSU
Highball Entryway
Custom Children's Decoration
Theatrical ET Mask
Thurber bar
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